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Why We Should Support a Child’s Unique Interests  

Childhood days are all about discovering new things. This is the time when kids gather new experiences that help them discover things they are interested in. It is true that activities that are appealing to 4-year-olds may not continue to be of any interest to them once they grow up. However, it is true that

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Reasons for Including Phonemic Awareness in Early Childhood Classroom  

In order to learn reading and writing, children need to develop many different skills. Before they are able to start reading and writing, it is important for them to understand how sounds work and how they are related to different words.   Reading different types of books allows kids to develop vocabulary, supports comprehension, creates an

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Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Early Childhood Education 

Early childhood education presents many opportunities to support the emotions of children and many of these opportunities can be transformed into learning situations for them. In order to develop our kids into successful individuals, it is important for them to have certain social-emotional skills. Inclusion of emotional intelligence in early childhood education is important to ensure

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How to Set New Year Resolutions for a Preschooler  

We have just arrived at the beginning of another New Year and many of us have already created our own New Year resolutions. We often do this with the goal of picking up good daily habits or becoming an improved person. However, please remember that New Year resolutions are not just for the adults. Even

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Creative and Fun Christmas Activities for Preschoolers  

Christmas is just round the corner and most of you may have already made your plans for the year’s biggest festive season. From shopping to decorating to baking, these activities bring a flavour of the most awaited time of the year. To make this year’s holiday even more exciting, you may consider including some Christmas

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Tips for Building Resilience in Kids

Resilience may be defined as the protective emotion that helps us cope and get through adversity, tragedy, threats, trauma, and other sources of stress. When it comes to resilience in children, it relates to a child’s ability to deal with ups and downs and recover from the challenges they face during childhood. Building resilience from

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