Our Program

Valley Heights Preschool Long Day Care Centre, Green Valley believes that the early years of a Childs life are their most influential.  It is within these years that a child develops the foundation skills and abilities that will carry them through life.

Our Educators feel that by being attuned to children’s thoughts and feelings, this supports the development of a strong sense of wellbeing.  Our aim is to work closely with families to form a partnership, where Educators can develop learning programs responsive to children’s ideas, interests, strengths and abilities, and recognise that children learn through play.

Fundamental to the Early Years Learning Framework is the view that children’s lives and childhood is a time ofBelonging, Being and Becoming.

At Valley Heights Preschool Long Day Care Centre, Green Valley we enhance children learning in meaningful ways by:

  • Providing a full educational program specifically developed for each child from observations of their needs, strengths and interests (Belonging, Being and Becoming).
  • Supporting each child’s learning in accordance with the NSW Children’s Services Curriculum Framework and the Early Years Learning Framework EYLF.
  • Applying a full school readiness Programme that reflects the philosophy and aims of the centre. And ensures that all children are ready for school and have developed their learning skills to their full potential.
  • Ensuring that every preschool program is based on developing a foundation of skills with a focus on numeracy, literacy, self-help skills and social and emotional skills
  • Welcoming children and families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and supporting children with additional needs, providing appropriate support and inclusion programs.
  • Extending links to the community with a variety of Parent information resources available in the foyer to inform families about relevant issues which relate to their child, family or wider community

For more information on any of our programs or to visit Valley Heights Preschool Long Day Care Centre  to discuss enrolling your child into one of our programs please contact us today