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Understanding the Importance of Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) 

The early years of a child are critical for their development because this is the time when the core brain architecture is formed. As a result, during these critical years, educators need to support and enhance the learning and development of these children.     The Council of Australia Governments established the Early Years Learning Framework

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The Value of a Diverse Learning Environment  

Over the years, our educational systems have revolved entirely around traditional classroom settings. There is no denying the fact that this approach has provided the structured environment required to help students interact and learn. However, with the evolution of the idea of effective teaching, we have recognised certain limitations of the traditional model that confines

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Family Participation in School Readiness 

Most children look forward to the start of their school life with mixed emotions, from anticipation and anxiety to excitement, and even sadness. Recent studies suggest that approximately 25% of children encounter difficulties during this critical stage of their lives. It is important to remember here that the school readiness of a child is not

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The Role of Outdoor Play in School Readiness  

The transition from nursery to school is a huge step for children as well as their parents. The social, emotional, physical, and intellectual state of the child plays a critical role in making this transition smooth and successful. This is where the term school readiness comes in. A ‘school ready’ child is developmentally prepared to

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Benefits of Sending Your Child to Long Day Care   Every moment and event experienced by a child forms the foundation of their future learning and relationships with peers, friends, and family members. The basic building blocks of socialization and learning are constructed during the early childhood days. This is where long day care can

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Importance of Inquiry-Based Learning for Preschoolers  

The methods used to teach children play a significant role in how they learn and grow in the future. Inquiry-based learning is a relatively new approach to learning that has become popular across the world. This unique approach is built around the idea that learning should be an active process and when students are allowed

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