Nutrition & Menus

VALLEY Heights Preschool and Long Day Care Centre aims to promote healthy lifestyles, good nutrition and the wellbeing of all of children, educators and families in order to develop good food habits and attitudes. Our service also aims to support and provide adequately for children with food allergies, dietary requirements and restrictions and specific cultural and religious practices.

Nutritional meals are prepared using fresh produce daily which include; Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late afternoon tea. Dietary needs of children are met following guidelines from the Caring for Children Birth to 5 years (food, Nutrition and Learning Experiences) and menus which have been specifically developed for our service through the Munch & Move Program by an early childhood nutritionist. Menus are rotated on a weekly basis over a four week period and are reviewed regularly. Feedback is welcomed.

Educators ensure meal times are pleasant demonstrating positive role modelling and establishing healthy eating habits in the children by incorporating nutritional information through ongoing discussions and into our program.

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