Munch & Move Training Program at Valley Heights

Valley Heights Preschool Long Day Care Centre also believes that early childhood is the ideal time for children to develop and practice healthy eating and physical activity habits. Munch and Move’s fundamental movement skills that children learn will help them embed healthy eating and enjoy physical activity throughout their lives.

At Valley Heights Preschool, we decided to invest in the Munch & Move program because it supports our own philosophy of teaching children to be healthy. Being healthy goes hand in hand with being happy as kids grow up and that’s something we very much want to see as our children develop. By inspiring healthy eating and daily exercise, the Munch and Move program helps us do this. Kids have a fun time exploring new activities and trying nutritious new snacks as they participate in the program.

Munch n Move was developed by the local health district authorities as a NSW early childhood education health initiative. The National quality framework offers family day care services a great opportunity to encourage children’s healthy eating and physical activity using a range of fun, play-based learning activities and reflective practice. It supports the healthy development of children in the early years learning framework. Valley Heights Preschool Long Day Care Centre has incorporated in their professional development the following key knowledge skills and resources:

  1. Get active each day – do 20 minutes of exercise to get your heart rate up and bust a sweat. This could be as simple as completing an obstacle course, skipping or playing hopscotch.
  2. Choose water as a drink – water is far better for you than soft drinks, juices and energy drinks. It hydrates your body and cleanses your system.
  3. Eat more fruit and vegetables – fruit and vegetables are high in vitamins and fibre and good for you.
  4. Select healthy snack alternatives – try eating nuts, grains or raisins for morning tea or as an afternoon snack instead of chips, chocolates and biscuits.

All our educators have the opportunity to learn fundamental movement skills at Munch & Move in program training. Early childhood Training in Munch and Move aims to assist educators to implement a fun, play-based approach to supporting healthy eating and physical activity habits in young children. Training contains videos, interactive activities and reflective practice questions. Teachers learn to support these six key messages as they implement Munch and Move:

  1. Support and encourage breastfeeding
  2. Choose water as a drink
  3. Eat more fruit and vegetables
  4. Choose healthier snacks
  5. Get active every day
  6. Turn off the screen and get active

Fact sheets available in our foyer area

“Munch & Move is a NSW Health initiative that supports the healthy development of children birth to 5 years by promoting physical activity, healthy eating and reduced small screen time (e.g. watching TV or DVDs, playing on computers and small hand-held games devices).”

Read more about the Munch and Move Program here on the NSW Health Department Healthy Kids website.

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