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Dramatic Play Benefits Children’s Literacy, Creativity and Conflict Resolution Skills

Dramatic play is, in essence, an imaginary game played by children. Children will construct worlds, characters and scenarios and will act out games and dialogue according to the rules and confines they have created around themselves. Children can assume the role of anything or anyone, be it a Prime Minister, a Queen, a doctor or

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Early Childhood Developmental Milestones: Key Growth Factors

Young children develop new skills and vocabulary at what sometimes feels like the speed of light. Young children are amazing learners and learn many different things both consciously and subconsciously. Early childhood developmental milestones are vast and various. For example, toddlers, when learning motor skills and physical boundaries also learn accompanying speech, social cues and

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Early Childhood Education Resources For Use At School And Home

This month we have handpicked our favourite top-rated early learning apps and websites which can be used as early childhood education resources. The following list of early childhood education resources can complement participation in early learning programs like at Valley Heights to an astonishing degree. The experiences are fun and will help children improve their

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The Benefits of Sensory Play

Children are born with five senses, and an important part of early childhood development is providing opportunities to use these senses to their full ability.  When children utilise sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, they begin to build nerve connections in the brain whilst also developing their fine motor skills and decision-making abilities. Sensory play

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The Benefits Of Preschool For Language Development In Children

Language development is crucial in a child’s early learning years. Children need to learn to express their feelings, thoughts and problems as they grow older and begin to interact with the world around them. Developing and maintaining relationships becomes easier when a child has good language skills and language is a very useful tool that

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Teaching Kids to Write – Some Helpful Tips to Make Writing Fun and Interesting

Whilst some children cannot get enough of writing and drawing, others are less inclined to pick up a marker, crayon or pencil. Writing is an important skill which we use throughout our lives, and having strong writing skills will be particularly beneficial when your child starts kindergarten. Encouraging children to develop their writing skills is

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