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Gardening For Kids – Why It Is Such A Great Activity

Gardening for kids is very achievable with little preparation. Kids these days have access to more screens and devices than at any other time in human history. If your kids need a break from the LEDs and could benefit from fresh air, consider taking them out to the garden. Kids usually thrive when they’re outdoors

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Helping Pre-schoolers Develop Communication Skills

Every parent wants their child to grow up to be a good communicator, and it’s always exciting to hear the first words from your child’s mouth. Communication is an essential skill for adult life, enabling us to express ourselves, form complex social relationships and succeed both academically and in our careers. Preschool is a great

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Research Shows Strong Benefits Of Early Childhood Education

Early childhood educators, politicians and researchers have long purported the benefits of an early childhood education. Two years of preschool gives children the best start possible when they are commencing their education. This is widely agreed upon by researchers in the early education sector. The years from birth to eight years old are critical for

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5 Great Activities for Quiet Time

Preschool is an intellectually and socially stimulating environment for children, but it’s important to take a break every now and then. Whilst some children are more than happy to rest, others may wish to continue learning. Quiet time activities offer children the opportunity to continue learning without disturbing others, helping them to practice mindfulness and

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Summer Enrolments Are Now Open

Valley Heights Preschool is now taking enrolments for 2021 to start from 17 January 2021 at our preschool in Green Valley! Our preschool offers a learning experience different from anyone else in the locale. If you’re looking to enrol your children in a kind, caring and nurturing early education program, then our Green Valley learning

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Attending Preschool – The Many Positive Outcomes for Children

Whilst it may not be compulsory to attend preschool in Australia, the benefits of enjoying an early childhood education are well understood. Not only do children who attend preschool have a better chance of making a smooth transition into schooling, they also develop skills which will benefit them throughout their life. If you hope for

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