The Benefits of Returning to Preschool

When considering quality early childhood education, now is a perfect time to discuss with parents the advantages of enrolling their child in preschool from ages three to five. As lockdown restrictions in New South Wales are lifted and preschools open once again, the well-documented benefits of an early childhood education should be interesting to parents with children in this age group. Academic achievement, cultural responsiveness and socialisation are just some of the positive elements of attending preschool in the lead-up to primary school enrolment. In this blog post we highlight how children can gain a better education if their parents enrol them at their local early childhood education centre during the foundational years.

Academic Achievement

Research demonstrates that attending a preschool as a young child can have a positive effect on individual academic achievement. Compared with children who do not attend preschool, preschool students display better literacy and numeracy skills when they first begin primary school. The lessons taught in preschool tend to give children a leg up until they finish year two. It follows that this advantage can be sustained as children continue their education: with extra attention to study. In addition to this, children who attend preschool may gain an upper hand in science lessons as they begin their formal education. This is because recent increases in Government investment in preschool STEM (Science, technology, engineering and maths) resources have been made. The academic benefits of returning to preschool following the conclusion of lockdown restrictions are abundant.

Cultural Responsiveness

Spending most of their time at home can stifle children’s acceptance and appreciation of Sydney’s ever-present multicultural aspects. In contrast, attending a preschool with other children from within the local community; children with a diverse range of backgrounds and cultural practices, can stimulate appropriate responses to cultural identities and traditions. Cultural responsiveness is a crucial lesson in Sydney’s melting pot of unique heritage and the best way for children to be taught to respond well to other cultures is to immerse them in an environment rich with cultural diversity. At Valley Heights preschool, children often participate in lessons aimed at explaining practices and tradition from parts of the world different to those which kids experience on their doorstep.


Finally, and perhaps most important, is the fact that students learn to form relationships with their peers in an early childhood education setting. Developed social skills begin to materialise when children learn and play appropriately with children their own age. By learning about boundaries, etiquette, social cues and different perspectives, children gain maturity and learn how to rely on their social environment to achieve happiness, support and encouragement. Valley Heights Preschool provides a safe and nurturing environment for kids in Green Valley to get to know their neighbours as they continue their development and get ready for their enrolment into primary school.

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