Teaching Kids to Write – Some Helpful Tips to Make Writing Fun and Interesting

Whilst some children cannot get enough of writing and drawing, others are less inclined to pick up a marker, crayon or pencil. Writing is an important skill which we use throughout our lives, and having strong writing skills will be particularly beneficial when your child starts kindergarten. Encouraging children to develop their writing skills is not always easy, but with these helpful tips your child will be eager to pick up a pen and paper and get to work. Make the writing process fun and interesting for your child and try some of the following at home.


  • Start with Names


Our names are very personal, and children will feel a sense of accomplishment when they are able to write their own name on a piece of paper or in the logbook at preschool. A good way to encourage interest is to point out letters of your child’s name when they appear in print or the wider environment, for example their favourite cereal might start with the first letter of their name. If your child is creating an art work, ask them to write their name or a personal signature so that it can be identified. 


  • Get Creative with Different Media


Make learning to write more interesting by supplying a range of media for your child to use. Grey lead pencils can be a bit boring, so you might consider colourful crayons or even writing with paint. Children can use their fingers too, and this will also aid with their strength and dexterity development which will make it easier to grasp pencils/pens in future. You could also prepare a sand or salt tray for children to practice writing names or places in. 


  • Give them a Journal


Provide your child with an exercise book which they can use to practice their writing skills at any time. The book could also be used for other creative pursuits, such as drawing pictures or creating illustrated stories. Children will feel a sense of accomplishment when they look back to the beginning of their writing journey and how far they have come. They will also get a lot of enjoyment out of sharing their pictures and stories with you and their classmates. 


  • Teach Them how to Write Numbers


Learning to write numbers has multiple benefits, as it will help to define handwriting skills and also be beneficial when your child begins to learn mathematics in school. It can take some time to develop number-writing skills, but you can make the process fun by acting out the process with your fingers or calling out numbers and asking your child to write it in the air. Another option is to get them to roll a pair of dice, count the number and then write it on a piece of paper. 


  • Encourage Self-Help Skills


Encouraging independence and self-help skills will in turn benefit your child from a writing perspective, as these activities will help to strengthen muscles and build the dexterity needed for writing. Some activities you may wish to allow your child to do themselves include buttering bread, opening the lid and filling a bottle or putting on a pair of socks. 

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