How to Set New Year Resolutions for a Preschooler  

We have just arrived at the beginning of another New Year and many of us have already created our own New Year resolutions. We often do this with the goal of picking up good daily habits or becoming an improved person. However, please remember that New Year resolutions are not just for the adults. Even small children and preschoolers can also have their resolutions for the New Year.  If you are a parent or teacher, you can surely play a significant role in creating New Year resolutions for a preschooler 

It is true that the idea of New Year resolutions can be too much for your preschooler, but you can certainly start teaching your child about setting a goal and working towards achieving that goal. At this age, however, you must ensure that the goal is not unrealistic and doesn’t put your child under any kind of pressure. Instead, try to make it a simple and fun experience for them. Also, don’t forget to tell your child that it is okay to fail and start all over again.  

Explaining New Year’s Resolutions to Preschoolers  

New Year’s resolution can be quite confusing for kids. Therefore, frame it simply as making a commitment and explain why New Year is a great time to start with a clean slate. While setting a resolution for children, first ask them if they want to accomplish anything this year. It can be something as simple as reading new books or trying new foods.  

Here are few points to take into consideration while setting up New Year resolution for a preschooler.  

  • The goal must be specific and provide clear purpose and design 
  • Set goals that are well within the ability of a child 
  • The goal must be relevant and something that the child wants to do 

New Year Resolution Types for Preschoolers 

Listed below are some resolutions that are easy to follow and age appropriate for a preschooler.  

  • Brushing teeth twice everyday 
  • Organising toys after playing with them 
  • Reading a new book each week 
  • Being kind to people and animals 

Sticking with Resolutions 

Many of us create our New Year resolutions with a lot of enthusiasm, but find it difficult to keep them. Once we miss it for a few days, all our resolutions are left behind entirely. The same can also happen with a preschooler. However, with a bit of support from parents and teachers, it is possible to keep them focused.  

Here are a few tips that can help a child avoid giving up on the resolution. 

  • Start with small goals focused on healthy and positive ideas. 
  • If the resolution involves a habitual activity, set aside a time in your child’s daily routine for it. 
  • Even if your child goes off track and misses it for a few days, help him or her jump right back in.   
  • To ensure that your child sticks with it, work on it with them.  Your child is more likely to do it when you are a part of the process.  

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