Gardening For Kids – Why It Is Such A Great Activity

Gardening for kids is very achievable with little preparation. Kids these days have access to more screens and devices than at any other time in human history. If your kids need a break from the LEDs and could benefit from fresh air, consider taking them out to the garden. Kids usually thrive when they’re outdoors and gardening with kids help them develop valuable skills and focus that are very useful later in life. We have prepared the following list of gardening activities for kids to give you a head start.

Watering Plants

With simple provision of a watering can and brief instructions regarding the amount of water needed by each plant, your kids can spend hours watering your garden. This can be empowering for kids and will teach them valuable lessons about biology and how plants live. Your garden will thrive assuming the kids don’t over water the plants! Be sure to show exactly how much water is needed.

Garden Planning

A great idea is to allot your child a special corner of the garden that they will maintain solely by themselves. You can buy plastic or wooden dividers from Bunnings and help your child segment their garden into areas for growing different plants. Buy some seedlings from your local garden shop and teach your child to plant plants. They can then continue to water plants until their garden is thriving! This exercise will teach your kids about different types of plants and will improve organisation skills.

House Full Of Insects

You can teach your kids all kinds of things about the natural environment by buying them a wooden bird house and filling it with bamboo rods. After some time planted in the garden, the house will be teeming with insects that your kids can examine under your supervision. You can team them about ladybugs, ants and other insects and develop an appreciation for environmental conservation work.

Pulling Weeds

It is absolutely essential to teach children about keeping their garden clean. A good idea is to provide your kids with a trowel and an example of a weed and put them to work weeding the garden. Explain how weeds are harmful to neighbouring plants and how plants will thrive when there aren’t any weeds around. It may take some time to adjust to the labour, but your kids will learn a lot about keeping a garden healthy and will get to explore your garden and observe nature in its natural state.

Getting outdoors is a wonderful way to spend quality time with your children. Gardening offers great opportunity to put kids in close contact with mother nature. Some fundamental elements of science can be taught while gardening. Kids will relax after some time in the outdoors and will learn greater confidence, responsibility, patience, planning and organization. It’s a great afternoon activity for all.

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