Early Childhood Education Resources For Use At School And Home

This month we have handpicked our favourite top-rated early learning apps and websites which can be used as early childhood education resources. The following list of early childhood education resources can complement participation in early learning programs like at Valley Heights to an astonishing degree. The experiences are fun and will help children improve their basic literacy and numeracy skills. It will also introduce them to emotional learning concepts. We are confident that the following list of digital resources will include something to suit your kids’ needs.

Khan Academy For Kids

The Khan Academy is one of the most comprehensive free online resources for a vast range of subjects set for students aged preschool to tertiary. Preschool children can learn via the Khan Academy For Kids Portal. Khan Academy For Kids will teach important foundational learning material on a personal level. Parents and teachers can set kids on the automated learning journey or can pick and choose activities from the library. All the content is available at once and as children complete activities, they will be presented with feedback. The feedback may be a little basic, but it can still be used to target problematic areas for students who can then receive more direct help. The website can very easily be used as a learning station, homework or computer lab activity.

The variety of subjects and the creative approach to problem solving offer scale which doesn’t feel overwhelming. However, the animations could use more captioning and written instruction. At the bottom line, the preschool tutorials offer scaffolded, creative learning of foundational skills.

Reading Is Fundamental

Reading is Fundamental is a free, fun storytelling app that can be used as inspiration for reading and exploring literature and language at an early age. The app requires some involvement on the part of a parent or teacher. It offers reading lists, tips for reading to kids and offline activity suggestions. Children can visit the site independently to have fun interacting with books. The whole site can also be displayed to the whole class using a projector. Kids can follow along with the songs or books during story time.

The site is overflowing with appealing graphics, books and activities. However, classic book offerings for kids to explore are relatively limited. At the bottom line, this delightful collection of online books, activities, games and songs for preschool works best when shared with a grownup.

Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is an award-winning app that provides a wealth of resources that can be used to enhance your child’s learning journey as they begin to read. The online reading games and activities use images, characters, songs and awards to teach basic literacy concepts. The app should be affordable for most schools, costing just $1.70 per book and $5.50 per activity. There is also a free trial available to get you started. While there are other free reading apps out there, they tend to be “one-trick ponies” and not have the breadth and depth of learning opportunities that Reading Eggs offers. Students can work on problems during class or as homework. Diagnostic tests allow students to work at different levels within the confines of the program. They will learn phonetics by interacting with a range of animations and activities.

Teachers and parents will just have to make sure children understand how to use the sometimes-complex navigation menu. At the bottom line, this app is a strong tool for independent use without forfeiting conceptual understanding.

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