Early Childhood Education, A Key To Life-Long Success

While there is no “one size fits all” solution to ensure a lifetime of success, rigorous research has demonstrated that a high quality early childhood education is a great method of promoting continuing success in school, the workplace and in social life. Indeed, the experiences of children in their formative years have a very large impact during their school years and beyond compared with experiences during this latter time.

The HighSchope Perry preschool experiment in the United States is one study that demonstrates evidence of this fact. In the study, 123, at-risk low-income students were assigned to either a control group or a high quality two year preschool program. These students were tracked from ages three to fifty.

There were 20% more students in the program group that graduated from high school. The annual income of the program group was more than 30% higher at age forty than those in the control group. The study showed that those in the program ‘were more likely to be employed, to raise their own children, to own a home or a car, and to be far less likely to experience arrest.’

Other research also indicates that a high quality preschool program leads children to income gains of 1/3 to 3.5% each year. The benefits of an early childhood education in this capacity outweigh the costs by leaps and bounds.

It’s been suggested that the benefits of an early years learning program are not due to the academic instruction of children at preschool. Instead, having a safe environment to learn and play reduces the burden on families who are therefore able to prioritise other necessary tasks, enroll in further education and spend more time at work. The additional education and income provides a better environment for children to grow in, which delivers the benefits listed above.

Furthermore, many early childhood education programs involve a compulsory health education component. This component has been suggested as leading children to lead healthier lives in the long run.

It’s been suggested that if more children are enrolled in early years programs, the economy will be boosted by a more skilled workforce with higher earnings. Fewer people will need welfare support, crime rates will decrease and the population as a whole will be healthier.

While, historically, an early childhood education has been reserved for high income brackets alone, in more recent times, the availability of preschool programs has increased. The introduction of more preschools has reduced costs and classroom size. Parents from all walks of life are now able to afford a high quality preschool program for their child and can see the benefits as their child grows.

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