Attending Preschool – The Many Positive Outcomes for Children

Whilst it may not be compulsory to attend preschool in Australia, the benefits of enjoying an early childhood education are well understood. Not only do children who attend preschool have a better chance of making a smooth transition into schooling, they also develop skills which will benefit them throughout their life. If you hope for your child to become a well-rounded individual with a lifelong love of learning, enrolling at Valley Heights Preschool is an ideal place to start.  Here are 5 top benefits of a preschool education.


A Love of Learning

Children are inquisitive and adventurous by nature, and it is important that these qualities are nurtured from a young age. At preschool, we aim to strike a balance between play-based and theory-based learning. This gives children a gentle introduction to new concepts, as well as offering plenty of opportunity for interaction with their peers and educators. No two days are the same, with activities being planned for in advance. In participating in early learning activities, children develop a love of learning as well as skills such as patience, following rules and instructions, paying attention and focussing on the task at hand.

Social Skills

It is important for children to interact with their peers, many of whom may come from different cultural backgrounds. Through their interactions, children develop stronger communication skills and learn how to interact positively with others. This helps them to develop empathy, learn how to deal with different situations and respond appropriately when faced with emotional distress. Children do not always settle in immediately but given time they will form strong bonds with other children in a safe environment whilst under the watchful eyes of our educators.


Confidence is an important quality to have, and throughout preschool children are encouraged to come out of their shell, express their personality and explore their unique interests. This helps to build a strong sense of confidence, as well as the ability to overcome negative experiences and grow form them. Early childhood educators offer emotional support for children and are eager to recognise their achievements, which further nurtures self-confidence.

Development of Fine Motor Skills

There are plenty of opportunities to hone fine motor skills whilst attending preschool. Whether it be turning pages of a book, creating crafts using scissors, typing, writing or constructing Lego these activities all help to build muscles in the hands, fingers and wrists.

Preparation for School

Children who attend preschool have an easier time making the transition to kindergarten, as the classroom environment will already be familiar to them. It may take some time to ease into the more routine based curriculum, however children soon find their way and go on to become keen learners.


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