Benefits of Sending Your Child to Long Day Care  

Every moment and event experienced by a child forms the foundation of their future learning and relationships with peers, friends, and family members. The basic building blocks of socialization and learning are constructed during the early childhood days. This is where long day care can make a serious difference. Please remember that this is not just a viable option for working parents looking for a place to take care of their kids while they work. High-quality long day care centres can play a significant role in encouraging the development of different important skills in a child.  

If you are still pondering about sending your toddler to long day care, here are some of the most important benefits to consider. 

Emotional and Social Development:  

Out of the many benefits of long day care, the emotional and social advantages received by toddlers are probably the most compelling. While spending time in these facilities, kids get to make friends, socialise, and develop important skills such as cooperation and sharing. Early socialization creates an excellent opportunity for kids to practice a wide range of social and cognitive skills such as conflict resolution, self-expression, teamwork, problem-solving, and much more. In long day care facilities, children spend time with teachers, friends, and peers in a safe, supervised environment with responsive, caring, and supportive adults. According to a French study, children attending long day care are less likely to have attention dysfunction, conduct problems, relationship issues, and emotional symptoms in the later stages of their lives.     

Understanding Routines and Structures: 

Children learn the foundations of schedules and routines while spending time in long day care, which helps develop good habits in the future. Getting used to rules and routines is also an important component of cognitive development. Following a daily routine helps develop healthy habits, reinforces good behaviour, and encourages them to meet expectations. This makes kids confident and helps them stay grounded in tough times. 

Community Participation  

Through long day care centres, along with their parents, kids can build relationships, take part in the local community, and connect with community leaders and other families. This exposes toddlers to different cultures, lifestyles, and views. This can become the vital first step in helping our children understand the world around them.  

Fostering Independence  

Long day care also creates an opportunity for kids to spend a major part of the day away from their parents. As a result, they can develop their own preferences, sense of independence, likes, and dislikes. Many of their activities and experiences in the day care centre may not be available at home. The child-centred learning environment of these facilities provides kids the freedom to try new things and direct their own activities. By making their own choices, navigating new situations, and understanding the consequences of their actions, toddlers can develop independence and self-control.   

Development of Healthy Habits   

Long day care centres can also play their part in promoting healthy habits. Compared to home, kids in these facilities are more exposed to healthy food and eating habits. Preventative health measures such as health screenings and vaccinations are also promoted in long day care centres.   

If you are looking for a long day care centre that can make a serious positive difference to your child’s future, please contact our expert educators at Valley Heights Preschool Long Day Care Centre.