Creative and Fun Christmas Activities for Preschoolers  

Christmas is just round the corner and most of you may have already made your plans for the year’s biggest festive season. From shopping to decorating to baking, these activities bring a flavour of the most awaited time of the year. To make this year’s holiday even more exciting, you may consider including some Christmas activities for preschoolers in your plan. These creative activities will not only make your child a part of the action, but also help them learn important lessons for the future.  

  • Make your preschooler a part of baking Christmas cookies. Many important life lessons can be taught by inviting a child to the kitchen. First and foremost, it will provide you the much-needed bonding time with him or her. Also, while baking, your child will be able to pick up important life skills such as creativity, following directions, measuring, etc.  
  • Amid all the hubbub of Christmas, we often forget the reason of this celebration. It is true that the main focus for a child will be the gifts. However, whenever possible, explain the origin and importance of this holiday to your child.  You can start with some simple stories related to Christmas. If your family attends church services, you can discuss the different parts of the ceremony.  
  • December is the time for Christmas carolling and this is a fun activity for all ages. Enjoy your Christmas singing together with your child at home or your neighbourhood. Plan out the song list well ahead of time so that the experience goes smoothly. Don’t forget to explain some basic behavioural and safety rules.  
  • Involve your child in making Christmas cards. The task of writing, decorating, and mailing cards can often be tedious for us, but children love these activities. The cards you create with your child can be a simple crayon creation to detailed designs with stickers, glitter, cut paper, etc.  
  • Decorating or making a classic gingerbread house is one of the best ways to embrace the sweetness of the Christmas vacation. Plenty of pre-made kits can be purchased on the market. If your child is particularly crafty, you may even start from the scratch.   
  • Another excellent Christmas activity for your child is making them create paper snowflakes. This activity will allow your child to learn scissor skills in a fun way. There will surely be a slight learning curve at the beginning, but you and your child will love experimenting by changing the way you fold and cut the paper.  
  • Kids love playing with paper bag puppets all over the year. During this Christmas, encourage your child to create holiday inspired puppets with characters such as Santa Claus, elves, reindeer, etc.  
  • If your child requires some downtime, let them play with some homemade playdough. Encourage them to create familiar Christmas-related shapes like Santa, stars, cookies, trees etc. Take photos of your Christmas sculpture and put it in the family album.     

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