5 Ways in Which Outdoor Play Benefits Your Child’s Development

There is only so much learning that can be done indoors, and there is perhaps no better classroom than the great outdoors. Playing outdoors gives children the opportunity to develop social skills, nurture their physical and mental wellbeing and gain a better understanding of nature. The benefits of outdoor play are well understood, here are 5 reasons why Valley Heights Preschool give children every opportunity to engage with their peers outdoors.

  1. Freedom to Explore

Technology seems to be encroaching into our lives at a rapid rate. Whilst technology has its positives, it is important to take some time away to enjoy the simple things in life. Whilst it’s easy to hand your child an iPad and allow them to occupy themselves with computer games, outdoor play would be a much healthier alternative. Playing outdoors provides children with the freedom to explore nature, socialise with their peers and develop new skills. Some children may choose to engage in sporting activities, whilst others may prefer to climb on the play equipment or build sandcastles. Children are happiest when playing outdoors in a safe and nurturing environment, and they are also nurturing their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional growth.

  1. Building Social Skills

Friendships form naturally when playing outdoors. Children can form stronger relationships and better understand the personality of their peers when working together towards common goals. Outdoor play also makes for a less formal and structured environment, one in which children feel less inhibited and thus more likely to participate in games or strike a conversation with a classmate. In building strong social skills at a young age, your child will be set for a successful future.

  1. Improved Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Enjoying some fun in the sun is good for all of us. Vitamin D plays an important role in the human body, helping to support strong bones and teeth, improving immune system function and warding off illness. Striking the right balance between indoor and outdoor learning greatly improves the mental wellbeing of children, who will benefit from improved mood and ability to concentrate in the classroom.

  1. Appreciation for Nature

The world is a complex place. When children step out into the great outdoors, they will gain a new appreciation for flora and fauna and the changing weather patterns which are all crucial to our daily lives and wellbeing. Early learning centres such as Valley Heights Preschool recognise that the children of today will be the environmental caretakers of the future, which is why we provide children with the opportunity to tend to the vegetable garden as well as invite guests to speak about environmental stewardship.

  1. Development of Risk Assessment Skills

Outdoor play involves an element of risk, and children learn from their experiences such as minor falls so that they can make better future decisions and develop resilience. They will also develop compassion for others.

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Outdoor play is an important part of early childhood, and at Valley Heights Preschool we provide a healthy balance between indoor and outdoor learning. Give your child the best start in life, please contact us today on (02) 9826 0266 if you have any questions about our preschool or wish to enrol your child.